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My current and scheduled research projects include (but are not limited to):

Philosophy of mind and cognitive science


Qualia, consciousness, the hard problem of consciousness, mental causation, mind and mechanism, psychological indeterminism, Russellian Monism, eliminative materialism, mental time travel, consciousness meter, the naturalization of rationality, the (non)autonomy of psychology, phenomenological methods, the ineffability of subjectivity



The nature of metaphysical naturalism and physicalism, categorical properties, intrinsic properties, the ignorance of categorical properties, powers, the laws of nature, reduction and realization, mechanistic metaphysics, emergentism, high-level laws and causation, metaphysics of science, scientism, grounding, priority monism

Philosophy of religion


Divine hiddenness, religious diversity, atheism, the cosmological argument, the problem of evil, the dysteleological argument, skeptical theism, theodicies, God's mind, religion and science, the New Atheist movement, secularity

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